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Gees Bees Raspberry Blossom Honey (500g)

Gees Bees Raspberry Blossom Honey (500g)

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Gees Bees Raspberry Blossom Honey from just across the river in Honey Gables.

Honeybees love to visit and collect nectar from raspberry blossoms in late June. This rare honey varietal comes to us from beekeepers in Nova Scotia on a raspberry farm. The raspberry flowers turn into raspberries thanks to the bees' pollination.

Raspberry blossom honey is thick and smooth, with a light amber color.  It is a sweet honey with caramel and fruity notes. Pairs beautifully with mascarpone or cream cheese or drizzled over vanilla ice cream with fresh berries.  Sweeten a summer cocktail or freshly squeezed lemonade.