Collection: Ontario Beef

We are starting to populate this page with a few popular items for your online shopping convenience and we will be adding more. Here is a list of rotating items we normally have available in the store.
Dry Aged Steaks $50/lb
(we cut into dryaged on Thursdays)
Roasts (Prime Rib $30/lb,
Rump Roast $12/lb,
Chuck $12/lb,
Beef Tenderloin $44/lb, etc.)
Steaks (Tomahawks $33/lb,
Ribsteaks $33/lb,
Ribeyes $35/lb,
Striploins $30/lb,
Tenderloins $44/lb,
Delmonicos $25/lb,
Denver $25/lb
Top Sirloin Medallions $17/lb,
Hanger $16/lb, etc.)
Bone - in Shortrib $15/lb
Brisket $14/lb
Beef Marrow Bones $5/lb, Beef Knuckle Bones
Beef Jus, Beef Stock, Beef Bone Broth
Please feel free to give us a call and we can cut whatever size you like. We're happy to take pre-orders and reserve items for you.