For the love of Food...

Looking back at my childhood it was full of home cooked meals (some better than others). Every holiday we baked desserts as a family from recipes that had been passed down...or new interesting recipes that we wanted to try. I learnt how to have fun in the kitchen as a child and honestly took this for granted. I was unaware that not every household connected in such a way. Not realizing it at the time...but that is partly why I ended up cooking for a living.

Cooking was something that I took such care with. I was told it came naturally to me. "I can taste the love in this food"...something I heard many a time from family, friends, co-workers. Hearing this really made the long hours worth it for me. I think that is when it clicked that I was always going to cook for others. I kept working towards one day opening my place; as I've found that passion for food should be shared.     

Looking back now...I can see that at a young age I learnt that many express love through food. It just makes sense now. Food brings people together and its meant to be shared. 

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