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Easter Turkey Reservation (High Welfare Fresh Turkey)

Easter Turkey Reservation (High Welfare Fresh Turkey)

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We have Easter turkeys from Harley Farms available for pre-order!

Our turkeys are $6.50/lb. When you reserve a turkey we will ask for a $20 deposit which will be taken off of your total at pickup.

Our fresh Easter turkeys are free range, antibiotic and hormone free, GMO free, Humanely raised, High Welfare birds.  Our turkeys have access to fresh air, healthy proteins and abundant forages.  Harley Farms is located in Keene, ON, just outside of Peterborough. The Harley's employ ethical and sustainable farming practices, and you can taste the difference this makes in your holiday turkey. 

Please choose your preferred size (the range being 13-18lbs) and pickup date. 

How much turkey do I need?

The general rule of thumb is 1lb-1.5lbs per person.

If you have 4-6 guests, we recommend the smallest turkey (13 lbs). This will easily feed everyone with ample leftovers. If that's too much turkey then consider a half turkey or perhaps a crown (bone-in, skin-on breast).

For 8-10 people, a 16-17 lb turkey is sufficient. 

For 12-14 people, you should choose a larger turkey (18 lbs).

If you have any questions, please drop by or give us a call.